1880        Trementina Census, listed as a hamlet

1901        Alice Blake, a Presbyterian Missionary, started work that opened up in a house on a homestead of an old man, known as Santiago Blea.  A church was organized combining families from La Aguila and San Agustin for a total of about 60 people.  

1901        A post office was established; Manuel Gurule was the first post master.

1902        A school house for about 150 pupils was started with $300 and one carpenter.  A fine memorial bell was installed.

1903        A diphtheria outbreak hits Trementina.  Residents are given antitoxin.  About 56 cases were reported.  Many small children dying.

1909        The small town of Trementina is now laid out.  There are nine houses, a school being the incentive for the families.  A town well and windmill are now working.

1916        A large gift of shade and fruit trees, shrubs and plants, eaten by a goat which was brought in to feed a baby.

1916        A small hospital was built, the chapel was destroyed by fire.

1917        Property was purchased for mission use.

1918        Miss Blake, leaves to do other work for about one year.

1919        A public school and first grade teacher.

1921        The church now has 81 members.  Reverend, E. C. Cordova, now a Minister at Trementina, Rev.  Cordova an alumni from Menaul.

1921        Juan B. Blea, elder of church.

1923        A community house was built with $1,500, Amelia P. Hill Legacy.  The house to be used for physical education, stereopticon lectures, classes in sewing, cooking and health work, and will contain a small library and reading room.  A place for Thanksgiving and other community dinners, exhibits and community gatherings.

1923        A kindergarten was started and a piano was found for use.  Mr. Burnett came to tune the piano, which had been found in Tucumcari.

1925        The infirmary was finished.

1926        An engine room was built for electricity.

1930        Julian Estrada pastor, was a Menaul student.

1931        Miss Blake retires on a pension.

1933        Trementina resident, Julie Duran, transferred to Chimayo.  The mission is closed.

1937        Sara Blea becomes the first woman elder of the church on November 14.  Petraela Blea, elder of church.  

late 1950’s    Trementina becomes a ghost town.