1st Families of Trementina

First Families of Trementina

Santiago Blea and Juana Teresa Madrid:

The founding father of Trementina.  They brought their children and their families with them and later converted to the Presbyterian faith.  They had 14 known children.  Santiago’s foresight and work ethic help build the foundations of this community.  In 1880, they have Celso, Jose, Maria, Jose Martin, and Mariana with them.

Romulo Blea and Juana Encinias:

Romulo is the son of Santiago, he moved to Trementina with his wife and one daughter Andrea.  They lived with Santiago at the time the first census was taken. Romulo Blea later joined the Baptist ministry.  In 1880, their daughter Andrea is with them.

Prudencio Griego and Maria Concepcion Villalpando, his wife:

They are the 3rd family enumerated in the 1880 census, their child Maria and aunt Paubla Lujan were with them.  Maria had been widowed twice before, Jose Barela and José Rafael Manuel Blea (father of Santiago). 

Jose Martin and Maria J. his wife:

Are the 4th family, their child Jose, age 12 born in Colorado is listed with them.

Bautista J. Martin and Maria Anacleta Jaramillo, his wife:

They are the 5th family listed and have three children—Anastacio, Cecilino, Desidorio, all boys.

Matias Rodriguez and Francisca, his wife:

They are the 6th family and have one child Jose, who was adopted.  Matias was from Mexico.

Pantaleon Analla and his wife Maria Esmeregilda Lobato:

The 7th family and Vicenta, Miguel, Juan, Bengino, Ricardo, their children.

Marcelino Encinias, no wife listed:

He settled with his three children Crecencio, Estephana and Margarita.  He married Maria Josefa Madrid.  They had another child, Francisco in 1886 who was born in Trementina. 

Juan J. Ortiz and Emanuelita, his wife:

They are the 9th family and have four children:  Francisco, Lola, Margarita, Doniciano.

Jose Vialpando and Maria E. his wife:

They are the 10th family, with seven children:  Francisca, Maria, Pedro, Maria Juana, Juan, Jose, and Maria B.

Jesus Muñiz and Juana Maria Villalpando, his wife :

They are the 11th family and have two children:  Jose and ?.

Other prominent families who played a role in Trementina came with their extended families soon after 1880.

Noberto Jaramillo and Audina Blea:

Noberto survived his many Indian raids, trudging beside the wagons on the Santa Fe Trail, had many grandchildren that were raised in their little hamlet.  Two of his sons were elders within the church.  Noberto became a leading patriarch of Trementina and his large family would further their religious cause.  Audina Blea, a daughter of Santiago Blea, lived another 40 years in Trementina.  The Jaramillos were known for the stonemason work.

Julian Estrada and Gonzagita Encinias:

Another family that migrated with Santiago and Noberto. Julian was a Penitente prior to his conversion and by 1903, Julian was a church elder in Trementina. Their rather large family and the Estrada name can be attributed to this couple and his parents, Jose Laureno Estrada and Filomena Madrid.  Gonzagita, being a very small woman was nicknamed Mama Grande, meaning big woman.

Abran Salazar and Preciliana Blea:

     An octogenarian and the father of eight sons and one daughter, lived near the church until his four oldest had married.  At this time he moved the family to Puerto de Luna, eighty miles from Trementina.  Abran gathered his family and taught Sunday school services, trying to keep the Presbyterian faith.

Cecilio Valverde and Encarnacion Blea:

He born around 1866 in Los Valles de San Agustin and she around 1873 and the daughter of Santiago Blea, married in 1888 in Chaperito.  They had nine known children.  Cecilio died from pneumonia at 65.